Balderdash (n.), a rapidly receding hairline. vitrical–since novercal[based on the same origin(s) in which the stepmother phobia comes from] exists, vitrical[uses the same logic as the word “novercal” but is for stepfather] should exist, too. Australian: Victa (rotary lawn mowers); Hills Hoist (Rotary Clothes Hoists). The results are often extremely amusing. Although, like someone else pointed out, these are more examples of a portmanteau. A new word, expression, or usage. Willy-nilly (adj. Sometimes, as in the case of the word's own history, a neologism is simply adopted from another language (i.e. Here are a few examples of anagrams formed from other words: Sometimes onomatopoeic words are neologisms, and sometimes neologisms are onomatopoeic words. vitrical(VIT-TRIK-KUL) ADJ – befitting or like a stepfather. Examples of Popular Culture Neologisms. Chortle from Lewis Carroll’s poem “Jabberwocky”:       Come to my arms, my beamish boy! Every word we use comes from the need of describing something or someone. Neologisms are often created by combining existing words (see compound noun and adjective) or by giving words new and unique suffixes or prefixes. Brangelina : used to refer to supercouple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. As there are a variety of ways to make new words, there are a variety of types of neologisms. Carroll can be thanked for giving a name to a laugh that falls somewhere between a chuckle and snort. A neologism is a newly coined word, expression, or usage. I picture it as grafting inorganic matter to the organic. bellycose  = bellicose with all one’s guts in it My word is derived from the following words: ‘computer’ and kampung. Literature is the source for many neologisms, as creative writers create words when they cannot find the appropriate word in their existing vocabulary. Here are a few examples of onomatopoeia: Word play takes on many forms, from neologisms to anagrams to onomatopoeia and others. Quite the same Wikipedia. Neologisms can be completely new words, new meanings for existing words or new semes in existing words. The literary term of Neologism is covered in this multiple choice quiz. Here are a few devices similar to neologisms: Similar to neologisms, anagrams involve creating new words. Neologism is a new-born linguistic expression for new concepts or things. Lymph (v.), to walk with a lisp. Shakespeare’s bedazzled from “The Taming of the Shrew”: Pardon, old father, my mistaking eyes, that have been so bedazzled with the sun that everything I look on seemeth green. Esplanade (v.), to attempt an explanation while drunk. 2. a love for pets or animals that is more than one loves some people. 2. As new things are invented, as slang becomes acceptable, and as new technologies emerge, new words must fill in the gaps in language. 2. 15. First of all, eye-roll, second of all, it says 2012 election! There are millions of words and expression out there that already exist, why not use them instead of coming up with mediocre half-assed attempts ? When the Earl of Sandwich's friends started calling his new snack "a sandwich," they created a neologism with an eponym. What do the words amazement, cold-blooded, blushing, and gnarled all have in common? maganimouse, one who’s the means but is anything but A neologism is a relatively recent or isolated term, word, or phrase that may be in the process of entering common use, but that has not yet been fully accepted into mainstream language. Over time people create new words that express concepts or ideas that were previously expressed using other words or use words that may not have existed at all. ), impotent. For examples of neologisms, consider some of these new words: blutter: to give a long, rambling speech about uncertainty. Stitch’n’Bitch ? A word whose development stage is between that of the protologism and neologism is a prelogism. Have you come across any great neologisms? 7. Oversharers: People who post too much information (which is often boring or embarrassing) about themselves on line. Copyediting Services Explained: This is What the Professionals Do, How to Write a Thesis Statement That Your Professor Will Love, 11 Extremely Funny Cover Letters That People Actually Sent, The Free Essay Editing Checklist That will Put You Top of the Class, The Simple Cover Letter Formula That Will Land You an Interview Every Time. Some of these examples were clearly a joke. Onomatopoeias are words that sound like the sound they describe. Tebowing: description of a prayerful victory stance derived from NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. | TCK Publishing,, What Is a Neologism | Diary of a Word Nerd, Neologisms – their origin and how they reinvigorate language - Terminology Coordination Unit [DGTRAD] - European Parliament. They were once invented by Shakespeare and they were once neologisms. nē-ŏl'ə-jĭz'əm Neologism is defined as a new word or a new use for an old word, or the act of making up new words. 11. Testicle (n.), a humorous question on an exam. Think there are animal hoarders; animal sodomy; people who cannot function for animals; people who gamble with their family structures; people who hate/are disgusted by others; etc., but animals are their kings/queens or princes/princesses. Derived words are words that use ancient Greek and Latin phrases naturalized to match the English language. It's also known as a coinage. Read more…. An act or instance of these. Gargoyle (n.), olive-flavored mouthwash. However, my word also implies, suggests or hopes for a real world connection as well as an online one. These are sometimes also referred to as generonyms (a neologism in itself): 10 Unintentionally Sexually Explicit Proofreading Errors, Neologisms I Have Known: Neo-Pagan Church of Universal Knowing | Skeptical Bob, Three Little Things Most Writers Overlook But Your Readers Won’t – Don’t Make These Mistakes! “Kampung” is the Malay word for ‘village’. Flabbergasted (adj. Can PETTANCE be a justifiable practice, when a given person has some people that they hate, that they are disgusted by, or that are met with indifference? n. 1. This Chapter is devoted to Neologism - a newly coined word or expression. Learn more. I picture it as grafting inorganic matter to the organic. Neologism is new word or phrase that is not yet used regularly by most speakers and writers. Now, if Muphry’s Law is at work, there’s undoubtedly an error in this comment. Neologisms tend to occur more often in cultures which are rapidly changing like South Africa, and also in situations where there is easy and fast propagation of information. 4. Regardless of its origins, the word has come to express extremely strong indifference or boredom. 2. Rachel Maddow once used “Omentum”, trying to cleverly coin a new term for Obama’s momentum at the time. shamebles = (a) shambles (disarray) involving shame. New words come from creativity and invention, merging of existing words, and borrowing from other cultures and languages. 4. that gets in the way of priorities and rational thinking or decision making. 3. Who knows if pet solidarity is actually PETANCE(as the signs are overtly there–romantic gestures and the like) or a bridge that may widely become that in subsequent years? Neologisms remind us that language is not something set in stone, but an evolving body of work, subject to adjustment, deletions, additions, and change. a new doctrine, especially a new interpretation of sacred writings. Metrosexual: A man who dedicates a great deal … 5. “Stitch ‘n bitch” 2. Psychology Definition of NEOLOGISM: is a word which has been entirely made up by an individuals which are normally nonsensical and unrecognizable. This word is an attempt at having a word for the sound we all know so well. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. In the process of language formation, neologisms are more mature than protologisms. 3. Proofreading Quiz: What’s Your Harry Potter Proofreading Personality? Seuss’s “Nerds” had long mustaches and wild hair, yellow skin, and red faces. Here are some examples of neologisms that have come into existence in an increasingly technological society. Baggies, Bactine, Chapstick, Dustbuster, Davenport (Chesterfield in Canada? Typically associated with … 13. If instead of shi***g on the completely natural process of language evolution you pay attention to the words and phrases you use, you will notice that even your vocabulary once was a neologism. Frisbeetarianism (n.), The belief that when you die, your Soul flies up ), iphone?, Jello, Levis, Magic Marker, Post-its, Q-tip, Scotch tape, Tampax, Tylenol, Victrola. Examples of 'neologism' in a sentenceneologism. polterheist = a robberydone by ghostly figures Definitions, grammar tips, word game help and more from 16 authoritative sources Circumvent (n.), an opening in the front of boxer shorts worn by Jewish men. Grammatical and phonological structures are relatively stable and change noticeably over centuries rather than decades… onesteva: the sound an off the hook phone makes. There is a void in expression that would be filled with the word. An example of neologism is a comedian coining new terms on a TV show like Stephen Colbert’s creation of the term “truthiness.” Neology definition, neologism. Neologism is a term used in linguistics since the 1700s. When an eponym (a word based on the name of a person or a place) is used as a new word in the language, it is a neologism. Just in 2014, a variety of new words were added to the dictionary including hashtag, selfie, and pho. "Trending" as a verb. We will examine the meaning of the word neologism, the origin of the word, and some examples of neologisms and the use of the word neologism in sentences. This word combines sarcasm with chasm for a humorous new word. Popular examples of neologisms can be found in science, fiction, fi Turns out an omentum is really a body part. They were once invented by Shakespeare and they were once neologisms. "Webinar," "malware," "netroots," and "blogosphere" are just a few examples of modern-day neologisms that have been integrated into American English. The job requires LASEROUS cuts and mechanical saws will not “cut” it. Negligent (adj. 101 Examples of Onomatopoeia in Sentences - Online Editing and Proofreading Services. Other articles where Neologism is discussed: language: Neologisms: Every living language can readily be adapted to meet changes occurring in the life and culture of its speakers, and the main weight of such changes falls on vocabulary. Oyster (n.), a person who sprinkles his conversation with Yiddishisms. laserous(LAEZ-ZUR-RUSS) ADJ – 1. somehow like a laser–hyper fast and/or smoothly cutting. Psychology a. [neo- + G. logos, word] Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex 2012 WORDS ARE ALL ABOUT EXPRESSION AND ITS USE IS LONG OVERDUE! 3. Close but not really the same thing. Yet today the portmanteau is probably the most fertile vehicle for neologisms. Portmanteaux are combined words that are sometimes used commonly. Popular examples of neologism can be found in science, fiction, branding, literature, linguistic and popular culture. An example of a neologism is the word webinar, for a seminar on the web or the Internet. algebra from Arabic in the 1660s). This word was introduced by O. Henry in his book of collected works Cabbages and Kings. A neologism (from Greek néo-, meaning ‘new’ and logos, meaning ‘speech, utterance’) is a blend of existing fragments to forge anew. As the internet became a major market force, it required the creation of an easy term to describe these businesses. I’m afraid popular culture neologisms are less examples of Neologisms and more like a Portmanteau. 12. ), describes a condition in which you absentmindedly ®©™ | Tweet #brending | Current results using a Google+ Your Business search today. Times, Sunday Times (2008) The word thus invented is both a neologism and a cliché. 16. Leave a comment and share them with us all! 8. When words are first coined, instant approval is not what they meet with. History. Rectitude (n.), the formal, dignified bearing adopted by proctologists. The word Shakespeare invented to describe the gleam of sunlight has come to describe rhinestone-embellished clothing! After their kids left home, they developed a PETANCE with strays and it became a hoard and utter filthiness. by a steamroller. I have created a word which is similar to that usage of “tribes”. The word “tribes” has a new dimension thanks to social media. ), appalled over how much weight you have gained. Psychiatry. Other “generonyms:” Looking for help to perfect your written English? a new word, … Neologisms can be quirky and fun mixes of words already in existence or completely new coinages made up from thin air. These terms were in the lexicon then, and they’re still in use now. Neologisms exist in all living languages. Your election examples are one-sided. neologism definition: 1. a new word or expression, or a new meaning for an existing word 2. a new word or expression, or…. The term e-mail, as used today, is an example of a neologism. Writer Stephen Fried invented the word fashionista when describing a particularly fashionable model named Gia Carangi. 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A new word or phrase of the patient's own making often seen in schizophrenia (for example, headshoe to mean hat), or an existing word used in a new sense; in psychiatry, such usages may have meaning only to the patient or be indicative of the patient's condition. Yahoo!-referring to a search engine rather than an exclamatory expression. Where is “killary” – to bleach evidence of your crimes, or “obamization” – the government takeover of an industry that leads to the immediate scarcity/surplus that controlled economies create, or “biden-it” – to destroy something with stupidity? The word neologism was itself a brand … social networking, mouse (computer) A neologism is a word or phrase that has recently been formed. The bully’s nickname for bespectacled, mathetically-inclined students had its origins in a children’s book by Dr. Seuss. For example: click , emoticon , browser .A neologism can emerge as a new lexeme from within the language as a transformation or derivation of an existing one (more common situation), although they are often voices imported from other languages: they are called foreign words or lexical loans. Neologism • Word Recursion • Words About Words, New Words and The Ways of Their Translation, Back Formations and Neologisms | 3 Quarks Daily, What if Life Was One Big Metaphor? The word is a combination of PET and ROMANCE. 1. an obsession with pets or animals–specif. I take it all back, go ahead and butcher the language because you don’t feel like opening a book. post and pots are both anagrams formed from the word stop, moon starer is an anagram formed from astronomer. Check out our rewriting services. neologism The word entheogen is a neologism coined in 1979 by a group of ethnobotanists (those that study the relationship between people and plants). Here are some great examples of neologisms introduced by writers and their stories: Banana republic. sarchasm: the gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn’t get it. Pro tip: Try not to roll your eyes every time you are exposed to a different opinion or worldview, because when your eyes are looking up like that, you cant see what’s right under your nose – JustSayin, Paradigm: a nickel short of a quarter Flatulance (n.) emergency vehicle that picks you up after you are run over Don’t get half of these. Microwaves use laserous cooking, but are not as flexible as stoves and cannot be used for everything. Digital Detox: Abstaining from electronic devices to re-engage with the physical world, typically to lower stress levels. answer the door in your nightgown. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Neologism. Mouse-referring to a computer device rather than a rodent. 14. In my mother’s circles in the UK it used to be called Knit’n’Nat a sign of our aggressive times, maybe? Proving that no one is immune from errors, even proofreading professionals, I think you mean ‘Stitch ‘n’ bitch’ (as opposed to your ‘Stich ‘n bitch’ with its two errors). Nibling is to nieces and nephews as sibling is to brothers and sisters. Here are examples of  Washington Post neologisms: 1. Specifically, though, anagrams create new words by rearranging the letters of specific words which exist already. ROMANCE doesn’t always mean coupling romance, but can mean love or the subject of love, beauty, pageantry and the like.